Who will be photographing my wedding?

All images will be shot primarily by Trushar (with whom you will have your initial meeting with) and accompanied by either Deepa or Chelsea. We work best as a team together and understand each other’s creative aspects to give you a well-rounded package.

Can you show us an entire wedding you shot recently?

Showing clients our complete albums is one of the reasons why we do this. We understand that some photographers will only show one or two images they have shot at an event not really summarising the entire event properly. We are more than happy to share entire events to give you a real feel of what we do.

Do you do wedding albums?

Yes – we love prints and the value of an album. We offer fine art printed albums, to find out more please take a look at our products.

Is there a limit to the number of pictures you take on the day?

No, there is no limit. We take hundreds of pictures, which we narrow down to about 400-500 images depending on your event; that you will receive fully edited.

Do you do destination weddings?

While the bulk of our work is based around the London and South East area, we work with clients all around the world. To date we have shot weddings in India, Australia, USA and France. Our destination wedding photography packages are simply our standard packages plus the cost of travel and accommodations if necessary. Get in touch with us to find out more.

How can we meet to discuss my wedding?

If you’re having a UK wedding we can either talk on the phone first or come meet us in person. Whatever works best for you. If you are overseas, we can email, phone call, Skype or Facetime.

How do we secure the date?

We work on a first-come, first-served basis and so in order to secure your date you would need to sign a contract and pay a deposit.

Do we get the high-resolution images?

Yes – as standard we supply the high-resolution digital JPEG image files from your wedding day and pre-wedding shoot, on a hard drive you would give us before your wedding.

I never feel comfortable in front of the camera and don’t like having my picture taken – what can you do?

A pre-wedding shoot for all our clients is a must. This can be arranged some weeks or even months ahead of the wedding. This gives us chance to get to know each other and will make you feel a little more comfortable in front of the camera.

Are you insured?

As a full-time photography company it is paramount for us to be fully insured including all our equipment. We carry full public liability and indemnity insurance.

When will we see the photographs?

Clients will get to see their images within 60 days after the event (subject to terms and conditions).