Ravi & Bhavna | Pre-wedding shoot in Paris

18th July 2016

When Ravi and Bhavna suggested we head to Paris for their pre-wedding shoot, we were immediately on board, being the city of love and probably one of the most beautiful as well, we knew from the get go that inspiration would never be in short supply.  Anticipation is an understatement when we counted down to days of the shoot and like every shoot, together with Ravi and Bhavna, we researched the hell out of the city, pin pointing all the best locations, planning when and what to shoot and planning everything in-between.  

Luckily we caught a break and the weather was absolutely gorgeous on the two days we were there. Having started out from Kings-cross early in the morning we landed in Paris with plenty of time and took advantage immediately.  Our list of locations includes the Shakespeare bookshop, a stroll along the Siene, a picnic, a view of the Eiffel tower, a visit to the Louvre and an extremely painful walk up to Montmartre.

Suffice to say, in the end we were absolutely shattered but it was absolute torture narrowing down the images. We really hope you like this one. We can’t thank Ravi and Bhavna enough for the opportunity and trusting us throughout their wedding festivities. 

Deepa & Trushar


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