Pritesh & Reshma I Hindu Wedding at the Oshwal Ekta Centre

13th June 2016

We couldn’t have wished for a better inaugural year at Obsqura Photography, never did we think we would go as far as we did in such a short space of time and to all the amazing places both home and abroad. A lot of our blessings came from recommendations from friends and family alike whom we are truly appreciative of. Pritesh and Reshma were one of the first clients to work with us and not only did we get along so well from the very start but our vision for the true soul of wedding photography was remarkably similar and we really made a great pairing.

Their Hindu wedding took place at the Oshwal Ekta Centre on a bright beautiful September day. It was really just the perfect occasion with an amazing attention to detail. Reshma had a clear vision for what she wanted as décor and her choices really worked with the Mandap giving the whole occasion a charming setting. The ceremony was officiated by a long time friend and priest, Pravinbhai who’s one liners made the whole event an enjoyable experience.

As always, we hope you enjoy browsing through some of day’s moments.


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