Mandeep & Nishma | Pre-wedding Shoot in Borough Market

4th September 2015

Nishma and Mandeep are friends of a friend whom we became friends with very quickly. That was probably because of the similarities we shared when it came to photography. We are proponents shooting as naturally as possible and this was pretty much the only condition Nishma and Mandeep had for the shoot.

The location of choice was Borough market, simply because Nishma and Mandeep are food lovers, in their spare time they love wandering around London and sampling all the delicacies from all over the world. For the second portion of our shoot, we made our way across to the Millennium bridge to finish up the session.

We thoroughly enjoyed our shoot with Nishma and Mandeep, here are some images from the day. 

Trushar & Deepa


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